The Four Corners Way

What Is Fixed Value Pricing?

Fixed Value Pricing is the answer to your call for more valuable and cost effective legal services.  Fixed Value Pricing is a flat fee pricing model for customized legal solutions designed together, to meet the needs of your company in a transparent solution, infused with the predictability you can budget for and the value you need.  Your need, whether it be a single transaction or the need for ongoing long-term counsel, will be met with a solution at a price you can count on.  

How Does It Work?

Four Corners General Counsel sits down with your company and assesses your needs, liabilities and goals. Together, we work with your company to design a customized legal solution that meets your needs, time expectations and budget.  Our tailored legal solutions are customized to fulfill the need of a single transaction or the need for long-term ongoing counsel.

What is the Advantage to Fixed Value Pricing?

In short, more money in your pocket and peace of mind in predictability.  With Fixed Value Pricing, Four Corners GC invests in your business and industry; the catch is, we do it on OUR dime.  By eliminating the billable hour, Fixed Value Pricing ensures efficiency, an alignment with client risk and an appropriate allocation of resources.  Fixed Value Pricing provides access to your counsel by removing the barriers of monetary risk.  After all, what good is your counsel if you hesitate to call them in time of need?  At Four Corners GC we have given power back to the client and understand what it takes to foster a long-lasting relationship.  To us, it just makes sense. 

Why is this Model Superior to Hourly Billing?

It’s on OUR dime.  The billable hour rewards inefficiency.  It encourages costly and disjointed legal services, littered with misallocation of resources.   Hourly rates promote an inherent conflict of interest between the client and his counsel.  Fixed Value Pricing removes the instability and monetary risk incurred in associating hourly counsel.  By eliminating the billable hour, Four Corners GC will build a true partnership with you and fortify your company so that you may flourish on your four corners.