About Us

Four Corners General Counsel was founded as a tenacious response to corporate clients’ cry for outsourced general counsel where the value of legal services provided aligns directly with the cost.  Founding attorney, Tiffany A. Kahnen, realized this need while acting as in-house counsel and has boldly opened Four Corners General Counsel to answer this cry for change.

At Four Corners GC, we do not believe the client should bear all the risk and share little power. Instead, we are empowering clients by collectively developing customized solutions that meet their legal and business needs at a Fixed Value Price they can budget for.  Whether our clients’ need is a single transaction or the need for a long-term outsourced general counsel, we work together with our clients to ensure their need is met with value, responsive action and transparency.  With Fixed Value Pricing Four Corners GC has shifted the focus from payment for time to payment for results.

At Four Corners GC, we understand efficient legal services from the inside out.  Our counsel boasts both in-house and law firm experience, which gives us the edge to understand not only the legal issues your company is facing but also the corporate autonomy and interdependence surrounding those issues.  Our transactional and litigation experience arms us to understand, anticipate and prevent exposures.  Here at Four Corners GC, we look not only to provide solutions to current legal issues but also to provide strategic risk management services thereby, avoiding costly legal exposures in the future. By assessing your company’s liabilities and minimizing your risk, we enable you to capitalize on your opportunities and flourish on your four corners.